STEALTH audio cables
STEALTH Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony



Our warranty is only valid to the original owner, who purchased our cables from a STEALTH Authorized dealer. To validate the warranty, that dealer must fill the warranty certificate to a specific name.

When STEALTH cables are re-sold on the used market, in order to transfer the warranty to another user it is necessary to send the cables back to us for re-certification, and in this case we charge a fee to test and overhaul the cables, if necessary, and we issue a new warranty certificate, to a particular name. Sorry, we do not provide blank warranty certificates.

This policy is in place to protect ALL STEALTH cables users from un-authorized modifications and alterations of our cables (we simply cannot guarantee and support our products if they are damaged or altered, and we cannot know whether or not this is the case without having the cables in our hands, and performing our tests);



If a STEALTH cable being re-sold is in good working order and in a decent cosmetic condition, this cable can be sent to us for rectification. The re-certification fee is a mere $200 (we thoroughly test the cable and send it back with a new warranty card). All shipping charges are a responsibility of the person, requesting the cable re-certification.

But if a cable is not working properly, or has been damaged, or its cosmetic condition is no good – in order to issue a new warranty certificate we would need to repair or overhaul the cable, and it costs more than $200; Repairs relative to manufacturing defects are covered by our warranty, and thus such repairs are performed free of charge. Repairs relative to mechanical damages of STEALTH cables or connectors are NOT covered by our warranty. Repairs relative to misuse or mishandling of our cables are not covered by our warranty. Overhaul and cosmetic corrections of used STEALTH cables, sent to us for repairs or re-certification, are not covered by our warranty.